What Should You Do If Your Construction Project Goes Wrong?

If you have a construction project go wrong for you, then you know how much of a hassle it can be in order to get things resolved. At first it might seem like a project was going good and would be completed with no complications. Then things take a turn for the worse and now the entire project is either fallen to pieces or there are several issues that cannot be resolves easily.

In this case you might have no option but to hire an attorney, but you need to make sure you have access to one of the best lawyers in Adelaide in order to have a strong chance to get matters resolved.

You certainly shouldn’t blame yourself when things go wrong. Hiring a contractor to do construction work for you requires a lot of due diligence. You may have done the following only to still end up having things go wrong:

Made sure to properly research the contractor before hiring them to work on a project for you

Proper research means that you checked with several people who might have already used the contractor. You likely looked them up online in order to see if there were any negative reviews about them. You may have even gotten recommended to someone from a friend or family member.

Things still went wrong though and now you might need an attorney in order to fight for you.

Made sure you were absolutely clear on what needed to be done

This could mean you had everything wrote out. You might have even had pictures in order to illustrate what you wanted, but still ended up not getting a construction job done properly.

In this case a contractor might try to claim that you weren’t clear, despite them asking you a slew of questions in order to get the best feel for what you wanted. In this case things can get very tricky from a legal standpoint.

The issues that you might have can revolve around any number of things, some of which can be easy to fix and some that can be a little tougher. Here are three main issues that can lead to a bad construction job:

  • The quality of the workmanship isn’t what you expected it to be and because of this it will take more money to correct it. Plus inferior workmanship can lead to greater vulnerability of the finished product overall.


  • Delays that go on too long or aren’t explained. When this happens it’s going to push up the completion date of a job and the cost of the overall project can become higher. Delays that are explained might be justified, but unexplained frequent delays are inexcusable.


  • Amenities that you wanted to have installed for a certain project never get installed. When this happens you won’t be satisfied with the finished project. You might even get told that it’s going to cost significantly more in order to add such amenities on the back end.

You can’t expect the company you had do a job for you to be cooperative all the time. Hiring an attorney might be your only course of action and for this only the best lawyers in Adelaide can help you navigate things properly.