Perth Will Soon Have Its Own World Trade Center With75-Storey Building As Its Centerpiece

Perth may soon have its tallest building once the iconic 75-storey building is developed as the focal point of a proposed $1.85 billion World Trade Centre. The “twin towers” plan was unveiled by the Premier Colin Barnett, a concept which he previously dismissed, according to Perth Now.

The Premier said at a lunch function in Perth that the government fully supports the project and that it would be a great addition to the City of Perth. He also explained why he did not back a similar concept for the old East Perth power station site in 2014. He said Perth was already and international city. He showed no enthusiasm because it did not yet recognize what a World Trade Center could offer the city.

The development, which will be located at the eastern end of Northbridge between Beaufort and Pier streets, is believed to aid in the transformation of the central business district. The project will include the stunning 75-storey tower, a convention center, apartments, a mall, and a shopping precinct. The World Trade Center will be interlinked with other high-rise buildings within the area, become a landmark development for Perth, and help improve the vibrancy in the areas around the train station.

Premier Barnett also said the development of this remarkable structure would show the vast commercial opportunities and the capabilities of the locals in Western Australia. The completion of the project would also mean that Perth would be linked to 327 World Trade Center locations in different parts of the world, as reported by WA Gov News.

The Jordan billionaire as well as the property insurance magnate Ghazi Abu Nahl is the man behind the proposal. He is also the chairman of the 330-country World Trade Centres Association and spearheaded similar projects in other parts of the world like Asia. ABC News reported that the developer, the World Trade Center Perth, already bought the old Myer site at 30 Beaufort Street in Northridge. It also plans to buy nearby lands across the rail line and it would be about 1.9 hectares of State-owned land from Stirling Street to McIver Station. However, it still needs to negotiate with the State Government.

The development’s Perth-based director Neil Kidd boasted that the project was not a pipe dream. He said they are currently working on a 440,000 square meter World Trade Center in Doha, 2500 apartments in Algiers, 250-room Marriott hotel, and 10,000 meters of office space. There are several similar World Trade Centers with twin-tower forms in different parts of the globe. The first one was the Minoru Yamasaki’s New York Towers, which were destroyed in a terror attack in 2001, and Atkins’ Bahrain World Trade Center.

Per Architecture AU, the proposal for the World Trade Center Perth will go through stage two detailed assessment, which would determine if the developer possesses the financial and technical capacity to complete the project.

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